Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dil Se

    Today once again I watched Dil Se movie and I decided to write something about it. It is one of the heart touching movie I ever seen. It is directed by Mani Ratnam. The film stars are Shahrukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, and Preity Zinta. Dil Se was shot in Himachal, Kashmir, Assam, Delhi, Kerala, and other parts of India and Bhutan.

    The basic theme of movie is around love and revenge. It starts with hero falls in love with a girl he sees by chance one night in a lonely rural railway station and then for whole movie Shaharukh and Manisha plays hide and seek. Once in the movie hero come to know that Manisha is married, still he don't stop following her. I like this part, because rather than running away, hero gives chance to his love, he trusts his love. Different people see different things in movie. I personally like movie with good story and good dialogues. Meghna ( Manisha ) is terrorist and always try to run from Amar ( Shaharukh ). Her following lines shows her nature in the movie -

    Khuch log Ret par likhe naamo ki tarah hote hai ...
    Hawa ka ek hi zoka jinhe uda deta hai ...

    Shaharukh also plays master role of a Lover. He beautifully shows, up to what limit a man can go for his love. Following lines of Shaharukh are houches my heart -

    Mujhe Sabse Buri Lagti Hain Tumhari Ye Aankhen
    Kyonki Main Inmain Jitna Bhi Dekhna Chahta Hoon Mujhe
    Kuch Dikhta Hi Nahin Tumhare Andar Itna Kuch Chupa
    Hua Hai Aur Mujhe Sabse Buri Lagti Hai Humare Beech
    Ki Ye Doori Mujhe Pasand Hai Humare Beech Ki Ye
    Doori Kyonki Ye Na Ho Tumhare Nazdeek Aane Ka Mauka
    Na Mile Tumhare Andar Itna Kuch Chupa Hai Mujhe Wo
    Pasand Hai Aur Mujhe Sabse Jyada Pasand Hai Tumhare
    Ye Aankhen Kyonki Main Inmain Jitna Bhi Dekhna Chahta
    Hoon Mujhe Kuch Dikhta Hi Nahin

    This dialogue shows a basic and very interesting fact about our view of looking at something. The thing is good or bad is decided by us. First hero said he hate 3 things, her eyes because it has many thing inside it and he is unable to see it, what ever she was hiding and distance between them. Just after few seconds he said he loves those 3 things for same reason. Wooow, it is just like half glass of whiskey is filled ... !!

    Few lines about the film I am coping from wiki -
    " Dil Se is said to be a journey through the 7 shades of love that are defined in ancient Arabic literature. Those shades are defined as attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death. The character played by Shahrukh Khan passes through each shade during the course of the film. "

    One of most memorial thing of movie is it's songs -

    "Satrangi Re"            Sonu Nigam, Kavita Krishnamurthy

    "Chaiyya Chaiyya"     Sukhwinder Singh, Sapna Awasti

    "Jiya Jale"                   Lata Mangeshkar, M. G. Sreekumar & Chorus  
    "Dil Se Re"       A. R. Rahman, Anuradha Sriram, Anupama, Febi Mani    

    "Ae Ajnabi"                Udit Narayan, Mahalakshmi Iyer    

    I personally love to hear "Ae Ajnabi" song. I prefer it when no one is around, feeling alone in the world and missing some one. The song beautifully describes the fantasized person ( Ajnabi ) and incompleteness of both souls without each other ( Mai Adhura, Tu Adhuri Ji Rahe Hai ).

    When you love anything, you will start liking each and every thing belonging it. Though Shaharukh is not a action hero, I like his fighting in this movie. Because it is seems to be very realistic ( not like Salman or Ghajini fighting with 10 men by 1 hand ). According to me there is a difference between a hero and a actor. Scenes at the time of fighting are the actual scenes which shows the acting skills of Shaharukh.

    Last but not least -

    The most lovely thing of this movie is it's End. At the end hero says " Take me with you ", hug heroin tightly and bomb blasts, causing their death. This end is also like half-filled glass of whiskey. For most of the people this is not good end, I means most of the people says movie don't have " Happy ending ". But for me this is best ending of movie I have ever seen. In fact if you ask me for my last wish then I will say " I would like to die in her hands, because She is reason of my Every Breath .... "

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