Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Before you read this, It is highly recommended that you must watch movie 'Inception' first. 

     Inception is one of the best of Christopher Nolan. So lets see this movie through My Vision. First what Inception means? Inception means feeding or planting the seeds of something in someone's subconscious mind which leads him to do something in future. This concept was actually taken from Lucid Dream theory. A lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming, I suggest you to watch movie Vanilla Sky for more detail.

     Saying as computer engineer, You born with the formatted memory, that is empty brain. You are surrounded by system full of data which is continuously exchanging data with you. You get programmed according to data you get. What you do, what you don't, your way of thinking all your programs are depend on the data you get. For ex. consider you are sitting in chair, you get idea of sitting in chair comfortably may be from someone who is elder than you or you watched it somewhere else. Basically every thing you did is not your own idea. You get inspired to do so or to think like that from system (people around you).

     When anyone ask me, have you seen movie Inception and if I answer Yes, the second question, naturally, will be - Do you understand the climax?
     So far as My Vision is concerned, Leonardo DiCaprio is gone in comma. Following are some points that let me to think this ...

  1. They were in flight of 10 hours. 5 minutes in the nth level of dream are about 1 hour of n+1 th level of dream. So, 1 hour will be 12 hrs in n+1 th level, 10 hrs. will be 120 hrs. This means they have to be in 1st level of dream for time about 120 hrs. It is not shown in any scene that Leonardo came back to 1'st level after completion of mission.

  2. Gobb doesn't call his father-in-law to receive him at airport but still he was there.

  3. Some might thought about the ring which Gobb wears in his dream (because his wife is still alive in his dream), and in last scene he was not wearing it. Consider, I am saying is true, he is in infinite loop (coma), then he can create a world in his dream. As his wife is gone now in his dream also, so he create a world of dream in which he doesn't wear that ring.

  4. He looks at the faces of his children, as he decided.

  5. His children were seating in the same garden in same position as they were in his dream.

  6. There wear same cloths red colored as they have in his dreams.

  7. Most important point is age of his children is same even after 4-5 years (because his children are of growing age this is not expected of course).

  8. Philosophically speaking, all the things happens as expected, which probably happen only in Dream.

     But whether Gobb is in dream or not is not the problem at all. The changing character of Gobb is the main noticeable thing in movie. There are two types of people in the world (as shown in movie). The aged people (shown in movie when Gobb went to buy medicines) who come there to see the dreams, who like to live in the dreams, dreams is their world. These are of one type, while Gobb is the one who like to live in the reality. He is always ready with the gun to shot himself and come back to reality.

     The best quote from movie is

Dom Cobb: An idea is like a virus, resiliant, highly contajous and the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.

     So far as dream is concerned, it is like beer. Bitter for first test, Sweet then after. Onces you test it, you just can't forget its test. In short, it creates a kind of addiction.

     Suppose I ask you, what you will prefer a dream or reality? Of course your answer is reality, most common answer, you don't even think for a second. This is because of the fact that every one wants to be hero in his life just like Gobb. But what if you were not satisfied with your life. Dream is the only way. Consider a dream in which you are millionaire, surrounded by many sexy girls or heroines which is never possible in reality, why the hell you want to wake up then? If anybody ask me, I truly says that IN MY DREAM, IF I WOULD BE WITH MY DREAM GIRL, I WOULD LIKE TO DREAM FOREVER. Because in My Vision 'being together' is the only satisfaction of Love.

     Love is another addiction. It makes a MAN an animal (person who can't think). It makes MAN to do unpredictable things! And after that also if he don't get any thing .... dream is the only way to satisfy yourself.

     As Gobb complete his mission, get relief from projection of Mal (his wife) and he also find Saito, So his mind set in the position that now he can see faces of his children, and so as soon as he heard the voice of his children he run to them without caring about the top. This is the basic fact that director wants to show us. Anyone choose reality, because he consider him self as hero like Gobb, struggling and struggling in pursuit of happiness. But there is a time when he give up and accept that what is going on is reality, ignoring what ever the truth is ! ! !

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  1. Good stuff. Write more, beyond the movies, your perception of the world...
    Nice work.